Silicone Rubber: The Complete Guide to the Highly Durable Elastomer

Silicone Rubber: The Complete Guide to the Highly Durable Elastomer
  • 6 August 2021

Silicone rubber is a high-performance elastomer characterized by an unusual combination of properties. These properties range from high-temperature performance to durability, excellent electrical insulating properties and transparency. But what makes Silicone rubber a high-performance material in various industries? What are its main features and applications? Get detailed technical information about Silicone rubbers by understanding:
What Makes Silicone Rubber Versatile?
Silicone rubber is a durable and highly resistant elastomer (rubber-like material) composed of silicone (polymer) containing silicon along with other molecules such as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Its structure always includes a siloxane backbone (silicon oxygen chain) and an organic moiety attached to silicon. Therefore, the properties of silicone rubber can vary greatly depending on: Organic groups (methyl, vinyl, phenyl, trifluoropropyl or other groups) Chemical structure
Compared to organic rubber, silicon rubber has a Si-O bond in its structure and therefore has better properties:
-heat resistance
-chemical stability
-electrical insulation
-Wear resistance
-Weather resistance and Ozone resistance
Silicone rubbers can withstand temperatures ranging from -50°C to 350°C (depending on exposure time). Parts made of silicone rubber cause almost no change in their physical properties when exposed to wind, rain, and UV rays for a long time. Unlike most organic rubbers, silicone rubber is also not affected by ozone.

Popular Applications Where You Can Find Silicone Rubber
Silicone rubber is an excellent material choice in applications that require:
• For applications in excess of 100°C operating temperature (which most rubbers cannot
• Non-toxic food contact applications
• High electrical resistance
• High steam sterilization resistance, especially in gaskets and gaskets used in medical devices
• high durability, color matching options etc.

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