Rubber Couplings

Rubber Couplings
  • 25 January 2021

Product Brief

Coupling is a machine part used for transmitting a movement to another equipment. Vibration isolation elastic materials as known coupling rubber must be used removed mechanical vibration during movement transmitting. If it doesn’t use, emergent vibration damages the machine and consisted noise can be disturbing.

Coupling can be seen as a simplest part in industrial chain but if the right and quality coupling elements aren’t chosen, all mechanism is gone wrong and frequently occurs troubles in manufacture. For this reason, coupling wedges used in coupling are chosen proper to dynamic working and friction. Rubber couplings are made of polyurethane, natural rubber and oil resistant nitrile rubber raw material.

Rubber coupling wedges also can be manufactured as with metal parts, bush reinforced aluminum for attaching coupling completely.

Rupex Coupling Rubber

RUPEX pin and bush couplings link machine shafts and compensate for shaft misalignment with weak restorative forces. The torque is conducted through elastomer buffers, so the coupling has typically flexible rubber properties. Thanks to their robust design, RUPEX couplings are also suitable for rough operating conditions.